Cover Ur Ride Rental Agreement

Cover Ur Ride, LLC
2102 S. Nova Road
South Daytona, FL 32119

Lease Agreement and Rules and Regulations

Cover Ur Ride, LLC is happy you have chosen us to store your RV, Trailer or Boat. We hope we are able to meet your expectations for a clean safe storage lot. If you have any questions or concerns arising from your storage, please do not hesitate to contact us. Management is located off the site but can be easily reached with an e-mail or phone call. This agreement can be signed and returned via email.

Monthly Rental: The monthly rental payment for your space will be calculated and defined on the order details. The payment will be due on the 1st (first) of each month. Automatic payment will be deducted from your card on the first of each month and can be made with a debit or credit card. If a charge is declined, and the payment is made after the 5th of the month, an additional $25.00 late fee will be due, if payment is made after the 15th of the month, an additional $50.00 late fee will be assessed for a total late fee of $75.00.

Lease Agreement: The lease agreement and rules and regulations document must be signed and completed prior to access of the space.

Title, Registration and Insurance: It is required that all RV’s, Boats or Trailers stored must have a current registration and title showing the tenant as the owner. It is also required that each owner have the proper liability and damage insurance to protect the RV, boat or trailer from all perils of whatsoever nature. Tenants failure to maintain insurance will be considered a breach of this agreement tenant assumes sole responsibility for any damage to its own or any additional property to which damage occurs as a result of tenants actions. A certificate of insurance may be required from tenant as proof this condition is being adhered. Any insurance carried by the management or owner of this facility is for the sole benefit of the management / owner and tenant shall make no claim whatsoever against management / owner insurance. Tenant further agrees not to subrogate against or allow tenant’s insurance company to subrogate against management / owner insurance in the event of damage of any kind, from any cause.

Parking Lines: Each parking space is marked using lane delineators and marking paint. Each space is assigned to one RV that must be parked inside the marked lines. The lines are considered a neutral zone and neither the vehicle, or any attachment thereof, may be parked on or across the border line. The owner of the vehicle will be charged an amount of $10 daily from the date of notice until the vehicle has been moved into its correct spot. Should the unit not be moved within 10 days of infraction notice, the owner of the RV or boat authorizes the management of the facility to properly re-locate the vehicle at a charge of $50.

Gate Security Access: Each owner will be assigned a gate code and telephone entry code for opening the gate. Access will be allowed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with use of the code. The gate will close automatically after entry or exit. Should payment for the unit become 5 days late, the code will be made invalid to deny owner entry. Once payment has been made, the code will once again operate the gate. Should the owner need to enter the premises while account is in arrears, management must be contacted to make arrangements.

Prohibited Items: Loose items may not be located in any parking space, all items must be firmly attached to the unit and may not exceed the length of the space assigned. No tow attachments can be stored, including dolly’s or cargo trailers. Any dangerous liquids or chemicals in containers other then the vehicles tanks are also prohibited from storage, including gasoline, diesel, oil and the like. Tenant is responsible for any damage to the storage facility that is caused by leakage of the tenant’s vehicle.

Electricity: A standard 120V, 20A receptacle is provided for each unit. The power is to be used to keep the batteries charged, run the refrigerator, de-humidifier and small appliances in the RV or boat. The power is not supplied for the owner to run the A/C or other major power usage and is not installed to handle the loads. A separate 50A outlet is provided at the facility if service is required for repair of an item.

Wheel Shocks: Wheel shocks are required to be in use when any unit is parked in the space assigned.

Address / Email / Phone Changes: Tenant must notify management by email or in writing of any change in address, e-mail or telephone number within 30 days. Any notices sent by management, whether legal or informational will be considered received by the tenant if mailed to the address on the lease agreement unless confirmation has been received by the tenant that any address change has been received by management.

Refunds and Pro-ration: There will be no refunds unless a credit / debit card has been charged incorrectly or if notice was received by management by the tenant that the unit would be vacated, and the unit was empty on the first of the month. If the unit is occupied on the first of the month, a full charge will be made to the tenants account and no refund will be made. There will be no pro-rations made for the account except for the first month if the tenant decides to take the space prior to the first of the next month.

Notice to Vacate: You must notify us at least 15 days prior to vacating the space you will be leaving. If the space is still occupied after the first of the month, the full monthly payment must be made. There will be no pro-rate of the monthly rent. The unit must be vacated prior to the end of the month for which the final payment has been made.

Alcohol and Smoking: There will be no use of alcohol or smoking any substance while at the storage facility. As the vehicles and contents are flammable, this would be a dangerous hazard.

Payment Default: If an owner is more then 60 days in default of payment, management will have the rights granted under Florida Statute 713.78 to lawfully collect any past due payments. Once the vehicle is in arrears after 15 days, management has the right to move vehicle from the assigned spot to make the parking spot available to another party.

Florida Law: The store space you are renting is for inanimate storage of the RV, Boat or Trailer only. There will be no habitation of the unit while in the storage facility as this is a violation of Florida and Local laws. Any violation will result in management calling the local police upon discovery.

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